[PO] Suzume 2020 Birthday Tee

  • $30.00

Suzume's Birthday is coming up on 16th July! Do give her lots of support!

"Ello this is like an updated version of my Twitch tee from last year. Here we have a Westie again but this time it's Mr. Waffles and I made Eve draw him kissing/licking me because he doesn't do that irl. ;-; Oh and my fav boba changed from The Alley to Chichasanchen if you noticed that- Idk why I had to say all these but yuh pls buy tyvm (and also for you to complete the to-ki-me-ki... if you haven't already realized)." -Suzume 2k20

Shirt design by our very own Eve!

If you missed the order period for other members' 2020 Birthday Tee, we are opening it up for another round of Pre-order!

Click here to order Eve's Birthday Tee!
Click here to order Komine's Birthday Tee!

Available for collection via postage.
Normal Postage +$1.50
Registered Postage +$4

For international orders, please PM Tokimeki Jump via their Facebook Page!

Pre-order ends 28th June 2020, 2359.

*This product is for pre-order only and will not be available for on-site purchase.

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