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「スキ♡」~Tokimeki JUMP V'day Special Event~ Exclusive Merch

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Spend Valentine's Day with Tokimeki JUMP members! 💕

As physical events are still unable to be held, Tokimeki JUMP will be having a V'day Livestream event! Expect performances and interaction time with them on stream!

💌「スキ♡」~Tokimeki JUMP V'day Special Event~💌
Date: 12th Feb 2022
Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm

These merch and redemptions are exclusive to the event only and will end sale at 9.30PM on 12th Feb 2022, once the livestream ends.

💟 Handwritten Letter with Origami - $5
💟 Digital Cheki (solo) - $5
💟 Digital Cheki (group) - $8
💟 Physical Cheki (solo) - $6
💟 Physical Cheki (group) - $10
🎀 V'day Special Package: Video message (>30s) + Physical Cheki + Handwritten Letter & Origami (solo) - $25 🎀

All merch and redemptions will be sent out via email (for digital redemptions) or mail (for physical merch) after the event.

*Do note that if you purchase digital redemptions only, it will not be applicable for the free photocards for every $20 spent.