Ichiban Kuji Natsume Yuujinchou -Freshly Baked Bread with Nyanko Sensei-

  • $12.00

Current Tickets Left : 39

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Series Natsume Yuujinchou
Manufacturer Banpresto
Category Kuji

We will open the Kuji tickets via video streaming on Animono Facebook. You will be updated on the streaming date after you have purchased the tickets.

Free local delivery (Applicable to Singapore addresses only)
For worldwide delivery, a separate invoice will be billed to you once the draw is done.

TOTAL PRIZES: 70 tickets plus last prize per set

A: Mogumogu Nyanko Sensei Plush (2 per set)
B: Nyanko Sensei & Pretzel Plush (3 per set)
C: Kitchen Timer (2 per set)
D: Bread Mascot Plush (4 per set)
E: Tableware (17 per set)
F: Kitchen Cloth (16 per set)
G: Acrylic Charm (26 per set)

Last Prize: French Bread & Nyanko Sensei Plush (1 per set)


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